When I installed Windows 11 virtual machine on VMware, I got an error. The virtual machine cannot boot to the setup screen. The error content is as follows:

Attempting to start up from:
EFI Vmware Virtual SCSI Hard Drive (0.0) … unsuccessful.
EFI Vmware Virtual SATA CDROM Drive (1.0) … unsuccessful.
EFI Network …

Method 1: Edit on the interface

You go to [ Settings ] of the virtual machine => Tab [ Options ] => [ Advanced ]

Item Firmware type: Select “ BIOS ”

Method 2: Edit the .vmx . file

In addition to editing on the interface, we can edit the .vmx file. VMware software on Ubuntu, I don’t see an option [ Advanced ] to switch Firmware to “BIOS”. Fortunately, this parameter can still be edited by editing the virtual machine’s .vmx file.

First we power off the shirt.

You find the file <machine_name>.vmx. For example, in my case I installed Windows 11, I named the virtual machine Windows-11 , so the file name is: Windows-11.vmx

We change the parameter: firmware from “efi” to “bios”

  • firmware = “bios”

Then power on to restart the VMware virtual machine


I entered the boot screen of Windows 11


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