Huawei Data Center Facility is the next-generation low-carbon smart data center, which has just been launched globally by Huawei at the end of May 2022.

Huawei is currently the market leader with more than 830 data centers deployed worldwide, covering sectors ranging from telecommunications to government, finance, transportation, and more.

Huawei Data Center Facility is a full stack data center solution at 4 levels: data center infrastructure, hardware platform, platform cloud and business applications. Huawei’s idea is to gradually transform Works into Products; Product becomes a Module; Module becomes Smart with artificial intelligence and cloud platform.Huawei introduces new data center solution in Vietnam

Huawei currently leads the market with more than 830 data centers deployed worldwide.

Huawei’s intelligent modular solution is vastly improved compared to traditional solutions, the model of 100 cabinets, 6 kW each will save 75% of handover time and 30% of energy consumption – equivalent to 20,000 USD of electricity per year (based on electricity price of USD 0.115 per kWh), flexible installation in any space, as well as 35% improvement in operation and maintenance efficiency.

Meanwhile, a prefabricated (prefabricated) modular solution of 500 cabinets, 6 kW each will save 17% of energy – that is, $380,000 in electricity costs per year (calculated at a price of $0.115 per kWh). , the recovery rate is increased to 50%, reducing operating and maintenance costs by $80,000 per year.

The next-generation data center facility operates in a green and energy-efficient manner, while maximizing the recycling of the materials used, being environmentally friendly and sustainable. Huawei uses the following metrics: Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), Carbon Usage Effectiveness (CUE), Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE) and Grid Usage Grid Usage Effectiveness (GUE) to measure data center sustainability.Huawei introduces new data center solution in Vietnam

Ms. Pham Nguyen Xuan Quynh – Head of Huawei Data Center Business shared about Huawei’s new Data Center solution.

Huawei Data Center Facility is also integrated, simplified from architecture to power supply and cooling system, demonstrating the development direction of the data center facility. Specifically, a 1000-rack data center using prefabricated (prefabricated) modules will reduce construction time from 18 months to 6-9 months. Simplified power supply shortens the handover time from 02 months to 02 weeks. Meanwhile, the simplified cooling system optimizes heat exchange efficiency.

The next-generation data center is fully automated for operation and maintenance, allowing engineers to complete a check of 2,000 shelves in five minutes remotely. Optimizing performance means that the optimal cooling system can go through 1.4 million combined algorithms within 1 minute, to provide the most intelligent and optimal cooling method, helping the system to cool more efficiently. bright.

Huawei Data Center Facility integrates a proactive security system, using big data and artificial intelligence) to conduct predictive maintenance of equipment from component to data center. The automatic error response process will only take 01 minute to detect errors, 03 minutes to analyze and 05 minutes to recover. Along with that is a secure structure that increases security at many different levels from components, devices to systems. Particularly at the system level, the front-end platform is intuitive, easy to manage and control, helping the system to reach 99.999% availability.


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