The Deluxe version of the very good 2D Distraint psychological horror adventure game is being given away by the developer for free to iOS users for a very short time.

Distraint is the story of an ambitious young man, Price, who works for a debt collection agency. In a debt squeeze suddenly a mysterious problem arises, causing the main character to realize the value of so-called humanity. The game impresses with hand-drawn 2D graphics, skillfully combining background music and sounds to create a unique creepy atmosphere in the game experience. The Deluxe version has a lot of improvements compared to the original game, from color tones to character movements, graphics and especially better lighting effects.

This version also has an improved minimalist interface. Even the sound and noise have been adjusted to give a better atmosphere to the game experience, which is built in a novel style, conveying a remarkable message about life and the story of humanity. position of young people today. The game is highly appreciated by experts and players alike, with many words for the powerful and emotional narrative. The game has a relatively short duration, only in one afternoon to finish playing.

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Currently, Distraint: Deluxe Edition is being given away for free by developer Winterveil Studios Oy for a short time. The game has been given away a few times on the PC platform, but it is rare to see a free gift on the mobile platform. Previous PC giveaways usually lasted only 24-48 hours, so get them quick before the program ends. The game costs the equivalent of 3.99USD in the international market. The reference price on Google Play in Vietnam is 107 thousand.

Distraint: Deluxe Edition requires iOS 8.0, so it is quite friendly with older iPhone and iPad models. The download capacity of the game is only about 200MB.

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In particular, if you want to experience the original game, don’t miss Distraint: Pocket Pixel Horror. The iOS version is slightly different from the PC version due to some technical limitations, but the feeling of experience and the creepy atmosphere remains the same thanks to the quite subtle adjustments of the developer.

‎DISTRAINT: Pocket Pixel Horror
‎DISTRAINT: Pocket Pixel Horror

In addition, the sequel to Distraint 2 is also having a very deep discount compared to the original price of 7.99 USD in the international market. If you love the Distraint game series, don’t miss this opportunity to buy super cheap games.

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