The Prowler Dock Bar is built from the macOS Dock, but it’s different than having to build your own components on top of it. The application supports software files and programs, including system applications as long as there is a desktop shortcut to add it.

Prowler Dock Bar is completely a free application, you enter this or follow the link > click Get in Store app > Get to install.

Prowler Dock Bar
Prowler Dock Bar

Prowler Dock Bar 6

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How to Create Your Own Dock on Windows 11

Open the Prowler Dock Bar, you will be briefly introduced to how to add programs to the Dock. This tutorial window will always appear when opening the Prowler Dock Bar, you choose Don’t show this on startup to not show in the next time.

Prowler Dock Bar 1Looking at the top edge of the desktop, you’ll see a black box, which is the stub Dock with no programs. Now, to add the program to the Dock, do the following.

Step 1: You need to have the program’s shortcut on the desktop.

If not, open the Start menu and drag the program outside the desktop to create a shortcut.

– Or you can right-click on the executable file of that program, for example chrome.exe then right click on it > select Show more options > Send to > choose Desktop (create shortcut).

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Prowler Dock Bar 5How to create this shortcut should apply to system applications. As for other installation programs, just drag and drop the executable file into the black box.

Step 2: Prowler Dock Bar also supports text files, you just need to drag and drop the file into the black box.

Prowler Dock Bar 2If you want to change the location of the programs, you just need to hold down its icon and then do it.

Step 3: The Prowler Dock Bar’s Dock also has a magnifying effect when hovering the mouse like macOS.

Prowler Dock Bar 3You click on the program to open it or right click on it and select Open. In the right-click menu, there are other options.

– Run as administrator: Run the program with administrative rights.

– Remove: Remove this program from the Dock.

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Step 4: Prowler Dock Bar has some pretty cool settings, right-click the application icon in the system tray to open the implementation window.

Prowler Dock Bar 4– Display: If you have multiple monitors, you can have the Prowler Dock Bar display on the second or third monitor.

– Edge: You change the position of the Dock in this section.

– Color presets: You choose the background color for the Dock.

– Background: You choose the background color for the Dock (if you don’t use Color presets).

– Borders: You choose the border color for the Dock.

– Opacity: You tweak the Dock transparency.

If you want to close the Dock, press the . button Close app.

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