SongTube is one of the best Android apps for you to watch YouTube videos without seeing ads.

Not only that, this application has many other great points as well.

  • Free.
  • Do not track.
  • Support downloading videos with many quality levels.
  • Support converting videos to music and tweaking tags and cover photos.
  • Subscribe to channels, create playlists without login, account.
  • Support to manage and play videos and music on the device.

Not to mention, SongTube has a modern and easy-to-use interface. This application is an open source program, not available on Google Play, so you must install it from an external source, specifically from the APK file.

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You enter SongTube homepage > press Download SongTube to open the loading page and select the latest version (currently 6.4. After that, you install SongTube normally on your device, if your Android device has not enabled installation from external sources, then go to the device’s settings to do so.

SongTube 12To open SongTube, you need to set up the app first.

– Press Start.

– Press Allow Access to allow the app to access the device’s internal storage.

– You choose the theme color for the application.

SongTube interface is simple and bright, item Home The first appears showing trending videos according to the machine’s installed language. Next to it are the favorite videos and bookmarks to watch later.

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SongTube 1You can copy the link, download it and add it to a playlist by clicking the three-dotted button. But you can also see them in the video view. If you want to search for videos on YouTube, click the SongTube icon in the upper left corner.

SongTube 2Open the video you want to watch, the playback interface is similar to the YouTube viewing interface, but it has more features. Specifically:

– Play in floating window.

– Play music without pictures.

– Add to playlist.

– Download this video.

When you return to the main screen, the video will automatically switch to play in the floating window.

SongTube 3Tested, SongTube does not support background play when the screen is off. When adding Playlistyou can let the video save in Watch Later, Favorites or in your own playlist. If your own, create a playlist first.

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SongTube 7SongTube’s download feature is pretty cool, it’s more optional.

– You press Download below the video plays.

– You choose the format you want to download Video nice Music (audio only, convert video to audio).

SongTube 6If you choose Music, you can set the cover art, audio file information, audio features and output format (Enable Audio Conversion) > press Download. With videos, it’s somewhat simpler, you just need to choose the format and download quality.

SongTube 4Each download, SongTube only supports downloading up to 2 times at the same time. You open the item Downloads to track and play downloaded video and audio files, or edit them. Downloaded files are also stored on the device and they are in the album of the same name SongTube.

SongTube 8A small feature of SongTube is that it allows you to follow a YouTube channel without logging in or a YouTube account or the app. You just need to press Subscribe at that video channel, then go to Channels to manage the channel and watch the latest videos. If you want to remove a channel, click again Subscribe.

SongTube 10In addition to being a YouTube video viewer, you can use SongTube to manage and play videos and music on the device. You open the Music section to manage and play music on the device. As for the video, open Library > Local Videos let’s see.

SongTube 9Every video you watch is remembered by SongTube, if you don’t like this then click Settings internal cogwheel shape Library > General > off Enable Watch History. SongTube defaults to only 2 downloads at the same time, but you can expand it up to 10 by opening Download > move bar Maximum simultaneous downloads to adjust the number of simultaneous downloads.

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