Synology officially released Surveillance Station 9.0, the latest version of the popular VMS video management and surveillance solution. Along with that comes the launch of C2 Surveillance, a corresponding cloud storage service for backing up and sharing footage.

Designed specifically for large and complex deployments, Surveillance Station 9.0 is focused on upgrading the user interface so that camera feeds, maps, controls and alerts are all in one panel. single control, which enhances the administrator’s awareness of the area.

Synology Launches Surveillance Station 9.0 and Cloud Backup Solution C2 SurveillanceSurveillance Station 9.0 allows businesses to add an extra layer of encryption to their recorded footage for added protection in the event that NVRs, drives, or administrative credentials are compromised or stolen. Video streams and management data can also be imported via encrypted SRTP/HTTPS protocols to maximize privacy and protect against attacks.

Remotely manage and update recording servers with both online and offline forms at Centralized Management System (CMS), making deployment at multiple locations safer and more flexible, ensuring Ensure all devices receive the latest security patches and functionality enhancements.

Synology Launches Surveillance Station 9.0 and Cloud Backup Solution C2 Surveillance

For an extra step of protection, Surveillance Station 9.0 supports dual recording so that footage can be simultaneously streamed to C2 Surveillance. Specially designed to reduce the possibility of data loss to seconds, C2 Surveillance ensures that footage is always accessible, even after a crash or in the event of a system theft. at the location they protect.

The new service’s online portal allows users to review logs from anywhere without requiring large amounts of data to be restored from a backup server and, if necessary, to share records with authorities. effectively, regardless of whether the recording server is available and up and running.

Surveillance Station 9.0 is available starting today on all Synology systems. C2 Surveillance launched today with prices from only 1 USD/month/camera. Users can now try the service for free until October 31, 2022.


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