Separating the background for photos with PhotoRoom you will feel loved by its extremely fast and perfect separation ability. Not only that, with the separated image, you can add new backgrounds and design a variety of cover photos for social networks, product advertising photos, etc. very easily. Another feature of PhotoRoom is that it supports Vietnamese and does not advertise.

How to use the PhotoRoom Web version

If the mobile version is available, PhotoRoom supports editing and adding new backgrounds. The web version is simpler with a monochrome background.

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If you are using PhotoRoom now there is another useful and amazing feature. It is to separate objects on the image with simple and precise operation. This new feature is now live on the web, and Digital Experience will walk you through it.

Step 1: You visit PhotoRoom’s image separation feature home page.

Perfectly remove objects from photos with PhotoRoom 1Step 2: You choose the image to upload to the service by dragging and dropping or clicking Start form photo.

Step 3: The image will appear, now you just need to use the mouse to paint over the object you want to remove and release.

Perfectly remove objects from photos with PhotoRoom 2You can choose the brush size at Brush size.

Step 4: The object will be removed from the image in a few seconds, you can press Before and After to compare before and after photos.

Perfectly remove objects from photos with PhotoRoom 3Step 5: If you are satisfied, click Download to save.

Press New image to do with the new photo.

How to use the PhotoRoom . app

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PhotoRoom is a free app that supports iOS and Android. You go to the link below to install the application.

iOS: Compatible with iOS 13.0 and above. Size 57 MB.

‎PhotoRoom Studio Photo Editor
‎PhotoRoom Studio Photo Editor

Android: Compatible with Android 8.0 and above. 14 MB capacity.

PhotoRoom Studio Photo Editor
PhotoRoom Studio Photo Editor

1. Separate the background for the image:

Open the application, you press the white plus button above or below the right corner to select the image on the device you want to separate the background.

PhotoRoom: Easy background removal and cover design app

PhotoRoom will perform background separation in just a few seconds, the quality is very good and has a watermark (it’s free). In the extraction result editing interface, you can:

– Add images, add text to photos by pressing the plus button.

PhotoRoom: Easy background removal and cover design app

(Adding images, you can use as textures for photos such as stars, birds, …, you can delete and replace).

PhotoRoom: Easy background removal and cover design app

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– Remove the object on the image or replace it by clicking the icon Person.

PhotoRoom: Easy background removal and cover design app

– Add background (image, color), erase background (make transparent) by clicking the icon Background.

PhotoRoom: Easy background removal and cover design app

When changing the background, PhotoRoom allows you to choose to use images available on the device or images in the application’s gallery. Satisfied, you click the download icon to save to your computer or share.

2. Design cover photo:

PhotoRoom allows you to create many types of cover photos, you just need to choose a template you want to use and edit.

– You slowly scroll down the application screen to choose a design (social media cover photo, profile picture, portrait photo, magazine, podcast cover, sticker, …)

– In the editing interface, you can perform background separation such as removing existing components in the image template and adding the desired new object and background.

– Finally, click the download icon to save and share the work.

PhotoRoom: Easy background removal and cover design app

Although PhotoRoom leaves a watermark on the background image, you can fix it by trimming that part. PhotoRoom is easy to use, excellent background separation, supports creating professional and easy cover photos. I think PhotoRoom is a good choice and worth using.

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