To listen to music on your computer, you have a lot of choices such as VLC, KM Player, Groove Music, etc. Each application has different good features, with Hyperchroma you will be impressed with the effects played on the program.

Hyperchroma has a modern, ad-free and easy to use interface. Allowing the use of images to visualizer with additional effects such as snowfall, … helps reduce boredom and you can look at your favorite photo while listening to music.

How to use Hyperchroma?

Hyperchroma supports the three most popular operating system platforms today, Windows, Mac and Linux. You enter Hyperchroma home page to download according to the operating system version in use. Or you can download it directly from the link below.

Open Hyperchroma, the application’s playback interface will appear. Now, you press the three dashes menu button in the upper left corner to display the main function items.

Hyperchroma 8– Queue: In the queue view you will see two options Audio and Background.

In options Audio, you can add songs to the queue by clicking the (+) icon. When selected, Hyperchroma allows you to select individual audio files at once or all audio files in a folder.

Hyperchroma 1And in options Background, you can select an image to use as the background for the playback interface. You are allowed to select multiple images, each image will be replaced when a new post is played.

Hyperchroma 2– Thư viện: The library contains a list of all the tracks you’ve added.

Hyperchroma 3The software categorizes tracks into different categories like folders, tracks, artists, albums and genres. You can listen to songs by a specific artist, genre, or playlist.

– Playlists: You can sort your playlist from this section. New playlists can also be created.

Hyperchroma 4Just tap the (+) button in the top right corner of the screen to create a new playlist. You can add or remove tracks from the playlist and rename the playlist.

– Effects: This is the most prominent feature of Hyperchroma, providing an animated effect on the background when playing music.

Hyperchroma 5You choose the effect at Effects and set it, if you don’t know how, leave it as default.

– Settings: You can adjust the music player to your liking. You get many basic and advanced settings like app settings, queue and gallery settings, theme settings, etc.

Hyperchroma 6When you play music, Hyperchroma hides the toolbar controls above and below.

Hyperchroma 7By default, when playing a new post with a new wallpaper, if you want to use the new image immediately, press the arrow button on the volume control bar in the lower right corner.


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