Roleplay is a trend that has been and is very popular, known by many people. However, if you are not interested in learning, it is difficult to know what Roleplayer is? If you are not familiar with this concept, let’s find out in detail through the following article of Ben Computer!

What is Roleplayer?

Roleplay or exactly Role-play, translated into Vietnamese means role-playing. As the name implies, this term is used to indicate that a person’s actions, behaviors, and gestures and postures resemble an existing or self-imagined character. out.

What is roleplayer?

Many people are interested in the concept of Roleplay, what is Roleplayer?

So what is Roleplayer? According to the definition of Roleplay above, we can understand that a Roleplayer is a person who plays a role. Means a person whose actions are intended to play a certain character.

Roleplayer will be dressed and dressed to resemble the character. And along with that, the person’s gestures, gestures as well as behavior must also be very similar to the character. For a successful Roleplayer, there is also the support of context, dialogue, script… to create a person who is most similar to the character.

What is the difference between Roleplay and Cosplay?

When hearing the concept of RolePlay, there must be many people who feel it is very similar to Cosplay. So, what are the similarities and differences between Cosplay and Roleplay?

What does roleplayer mean?

Roleplay and Cosplay also have many similarities and differences


Both Roleplay and Cosplay are makeup, shaping, playing a pre-selected character. These characters also come from the same series of books, comics or TV shows or created themselves.


Roleplay will be made to circulate through social networks, the internet. As for Cosplay, it will be the actual role-playing in real life, most typically at festivals. Cosplay is usually the disguise of fans to portray their favorite idols or characters. Cosplay also involves more makeup than Roleplay.

The most popular form of Roleplay

Currently, there are two popular forms of Roleplay that are very popular with young people, which are:

  • Dress up as a character: Roleplayers will dress up as a character with the support of space, context, script, etc. so that the disguise can act most similar to the character they are showing.
  • Role-playing game: With role-playing games, players can role-play by narrating in words, or making decisions according to a structure to develop characters or episodes.

Above, you have learned What is Roleplayer?? Hopefully, through here, you have the best understanding of these terms. If you have any doubts or questions about another concept or term, you can leave a comment below the article for answers!


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