With touch phones, whether Android or iOS operating systems, the screen freezes when used for a long time is inevitable. So yes how to fix a frozen phone without having to take it to a repair shop? Let’s find out more details with Ben Computer through the article below.

1. How to fix a phone with a frozen screen – Restart the phone

Restarting the machine is one of the how to fix a frozen phone The first thing you need to do. This will help your phone stabilize all activities. For each type of machine, there will be a different way to restart.

  • With iPhone phones, you restart by pressing the power and home buttons at the same time for iPhone 5, 6 and SE. With iPhone 7/7plus, press the power button and the volume down button at the same time. From iPhone 8 and later, we quickly press and release the volume up button, quickly press and release the volume down button, and then press and hold the power button.

how to fix a frozen phone

Power off iPhone phone

  • With Android phones, to restart, hold the power button until the message appears, then select “Restart“.

phone screen freeze

Restart your Android phone

2. Turn off apps running in the background

When you open too many applications at the same time, it makes RAM and devices slower. This will lead to a frozen screen. So, to fix this situation, please turn off the applications running in the background. If an application is not needed, it can be removed. This is one of those how to fix a frozen phone quickly a lot of people apply and you can apply.

how to fix oppo screen frozen phone

Turn off apps running in the background on your phone

3. Remove tempered glass, screen protector

Touch or screen protector will help our phone limit scratches, dust and water resistance. However, this is also one of the reasons why the touch screen is poor. So, try removing the tempered glass to see if the screen works properly.

how to fix frozen phone

Remove screen protector

4. Update the operating system to the new version

One how to fix a frozen phone Another thing that you can apply is updating to a new operating system. Publishers regularly update the operating system with new versions to fix bugs in the old version, helping users have a better experience. One of the bugs in the old operating system is that the screen freezes. So, when you see this situation but your device has not updated the new operating system for a long time, try updating it.

how to fix samsung frozen screen

Update the operating system to the latest version to fix the phone screen freeze error

5. Check your phone’s charger again

Related to the charger is also one of the causes of the screen freeze. If the charger is not of good quality (fake product) or the charger has a power source that is too high compared to the charger, it will lead to a frozen screen when used.

how to fix frozen iphone screen

Check your phone’s charger

6. Restore the machine to factory settings

Restoring the machine to factory settings is one of the how to fix a frozen phone. When restoring to factory settings, all modes will return to their original state. Proceed as follows:

  • For Android operating system, do the following: Go to “Settings” then select “Additional settings” then continue to select “Backup & reset”, click “Factory data reset” then select “Reset phone” and tap “Next” to confirm factory reset.

how to fix frozen phone

Steps to restore factory settings on Android phones

  • With iPhone, if you want to restore factory settings, you do the following: go to “Settings” and select “General settings”, then press “Reset”, continue to select “Erase all content and settings”. set” then Enter device password then select Erase iPhone to restore factory settings.

7. Put the phone in sleep mode

Your phone works continuously for too long, causing it to overheat, leading to frozen touch phenomenon. When encountering this situation, please turn off all active applications and put the device in sleep mode for about 30 minutes. However, each type of machine will have a different name.

The phone screen is frozen, what to do?

Put the phone in rest mode

If you have tried all of the above methods and still cannot fix the frozen phone screen error, please bring it to the shop for a technician to check for you.

With how to fix a frozen phone The above hopes to help you quickly overcome this error so as not to affect work, study, and entertainment. If you have any feedback, please comment below for the fastest support from Ben Computer staff. Thank you!



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