You’re upgrading your Windows 11 computer, including the hard drive. Instead of reinstalling Windows 11 on a new hard drive, you can copy all the data, which is much more convenient.

In this article, Digital Experience would like to show how to copy data on the hard drive of Windows 11 installation to a new hard drive, specifically an SSD drive, which has faster boot speeds and programs launch immediately. and the game won’t take too long to load anymore.

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To copy Windows 11 installation hard drive data to a new hard drive, follow these steps.

Step 1: You need to connect the SSD to the computer.

Step 2: You download DiskGenius software at this and install it on the computer, the tool we will use to copy the data.

Step 3: You open DiskGenius > Tools > System Migration.

DiskGenius 1

Step 4: In the window Select system partition appears, select the drive where Windows 11 is installed.

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DiskGenius 2

You can choose more partitions if your SSD storage space is enough to store all the data of your old HDD. After selecting the partition, you press OK.

Step 5: In the window Select target disk, it will list all connected drives except the system disk. Select the destination disk (new SSD) and press OK.

DiskGenius 3

Step 6: DiskGenius allows to add or remove partitions to be moved, resize partitions on the target disk, and configure the boot sequence before the process. You can configure all of these according to your needs.

DiskGenius 4

If the source disk contains partitions that are not relevant to system startup, you can choose whether or not to move them to the new disk. For example, right click on that empty partition and select Migrate to target disk to move this partition to the destination disk.

DiskGenius 5

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Furthermore, if you feel that the new system partition is too large or too small, you can right-click the partition edge and drag your mouse to resize it.

DiskGenius 6

Finally, the option When finished, change computer boot sequence allows you to set whether or not to automatically boot from the target disk after the system migration is complete. Please note that these options are available for UEFI-based systems and you will need to manually boot into the BIOS to modify the boot sequence for the MBR disk. Then you press Start.

Step 7: You will see a warning message stating that all files and partitions on the destination disk will be overwritten. Press OK to continue.

DiskGenius 7

Step 8: You press Hot Migration and wait for the process of copying data to the SSD drive.

DiskGenius 8

The time to copy data is quite long, you avoid doing other things when doing it.

DiskGenius 9

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