On January 5, 2022, FPT Shop & F.Studio by FPT officially launched the genuine Apple Magsafe wireless charger with a discount price of only VND 999,000.

Right now, customers can choose to buy genuine MagSafe Charger to USB-C Cable (1m) wireless charger at FPT Shop and F.Studio by FPT systems with an immediate 16% discount from 5-16. 01, the new price is only 999,000 VND. At the same time, customers also get 5% off when paying via Moca wallet and free home delivery.

MagSafe is the name of an electronic charging product that applies magnetic technology, produced by Apple with the main function of wireless energy charging for products in the ‘Apple’ ecosystem. In particular, the new MagSafe product on the shelf this time can wirelessly charge the iPhone 12 series and 13 series through a charging pad (also known as a circular pad).

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Genuine Magsafe charger is available at FPT Shop & F.Studio by FPT

The charging pad is connected to the charger via a 1-meter-long cable, capable of fast charging up to 15W and has a magnet-like attraction, you just need to gently place the iPhone back on the charging pad and the iPhone will fix itself. identify, connect and charge the battery without plugging in any wires, extremely convenient and fast.

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More specifically, the product can charge wirelessly normally even when the iPhone is wearing an original Apple case, which means it can still charge without removing the case. This is also an advantage when you use products in the Apple ecosystem and is a difference not all products have.

To choose and buy products, from today, customers can go to more than 700 FPT Shop and F.Studio by FPT stores nationwide or buy online. here, the store will deliver to your home for free.

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