9 tricks with the taskbar on Windows 11

The taskbar on Windows 11 is one of those things you use on a daily basis. Why don’t you try it a little bit to have a more interesting experience?

Turn the Windows 11 taskbar into a macOS dock

Microsoft has changed a lot of taskbar (aka taskbar) and Start Menu for Windows 11, but not everyone likes it. Recently there is a new third-party tool to customize the taskbar to look like it is on macOS.

Specifically, TaskbarXI is a new application that adds additional customization options to the Windows 11 taskbar, developed as a successor to the popular TaskbarX tool for Windows 10. It is still in the early stages of development. early development – ​​not even a graphical user interface yet – but works great. The main feature now is that it can shrink the taskbar to a compact toolbar, like the one on macOS and iPadOS, which can stretch back to full size when the window is maximized. .

The utility also supports multiple monitors, separate DPI scaling, and divides the taskbar into left and right panes. Changing the style and background color of the taskbar is now in the works, along with a simple graphical interface to update the settings.

Do you want a unique Windows 11 taskbar?

There is no option to move the taskbar sideways or upwards (Digital Experience will show you otherwise below). If you want to test TaskbarXI, you can download latest release from GitHub. The current version is “for testing purposes only”, as the developer notes that you must use Task Manager to disable TaskbarXI and restart Windows Explorer to apply the changes.

Microsoft is still working on updates to the Windows 11 taskbar and Start Menu, although the company is unlikely to add some of the customization options that third-party tools like TaskbarXI are working on.

How to change the position of the Taskbar on Windows 11

If you upgraded Windows 10 to 11 and now many people have the taskbar at the top, then I will show you how to do that. Although it can move it to the left or right side of the screen, it will break the icons of the Taskbar so you should only move it upwards.

Do you want a unique Windows 11 taskbar?

See how to change the position of the taskbar in Windows 11

How to automatically hide the taskbar in Windows 11

Many users prefer to automatically hide the Windows taskbar. In addition, hiding the Taskbar on Windows operating systems helps you have more screen space. So, if you are among those who feel the Windows 11 taskbar takes up too much screen space, hiding it might be the best option.

Just like Windows 10, Windows 11 also allows you to hide the taskbar automatically. However, the steps to hide the taskbar on Windows 11 are a bit different. See this article to know how.

How to enable drag and drop on the Windows 11 taskbar

To do this, you need a simple third-party tool to allow apps when you drop files into it. Currently, it doesn’t support pinning items using drag and drop, possibly because Microsoft will add that functionality in future updates.

The name of the drag and drop add-on tool for Windows 11 is Windows11DragAndDropToTaskbarFix. You only have to install the tool once and won’t even have to restart your PC for the changes to take effect. Once installed, you’ll be able to enable minimized apps when you drop files into it.

See details on how to do this here

How to display the taskbar on multiple monitors in Windows 11

The recent Insider Preview update (22000.65) onwards brings a lot of improvements and changes in Windows 11, and one of the most notable features is the display of the taskbar on multiple monitors. With this feature, you can easily use the taskbar on many different screens, instead of focusing on one main screen, which is inconvenient as before.

Follow the article to know how to display the taskbar on multiple monitors

How to add seconds to the Windows 11 taskbar clock

By default, Windows 11 displays a clock in the bottom right corner of the screen on the taskbar. It only has the hours and minutes displayed, and the seconds are absent to avoid distractions or simply be unnecessary.

Do you want a unique Windows 11 taskbar?

However, many users still want to display the number of seconds on the watch, not when hunting for sale. If you want to display the number of seconds on the Windows 11 clock then follow this article.

How to left-align the Start button as before on Windows 11

With the Start button, Microsoft has allowed to adjust the position very easily as before. Proceed as follows:

Step 1: To enter Settings > Personalization.

Step 2: In the menu bar on the left you select Taskbar.

Left-align Start menu on Windows 11

Step 3: In the section Taskbar alignment > please choose Left instead of Center.

How to resize the Windows 11 taskbar

How to resize the Windows 11 taskbar

Windows 11 taskbar in default size – Medium.

How to resize the Windows 11 taskbar

Windows 11 taskbar in small size.

How to resize the Windows 11 taskbar

Windows 11 taskbar in large size.

The default size of the taskbar is medium, which is a balance between desktop and tablet. The large size is suitable for tablet devices, the small size gives a more compact appearance and gives them more screen space. Currently, if you want to change the size of the taskbar, you need to modify the “TaskbarSi” value through the following steps.

See article details

How to hide the Microsoft Teams icon from the Windows 11 taskbar

In the latest experimental update (build 22000.100), Microsoft has added the Microsoft Teams chat icon to the Windows 11 taskbar. Clicking it or the Win + C keyboard shortcut will open a flyout interface to make a chat. with friends and family.

The new Microsoft Teams blends well with the Windows 11 interface and will soon have a video call option. However, it has always been considered a corporate and business product and may not be used by as many people as Zoom.

If you do not intend to use this application, you can hide the Microsoft Teams chat icon from the taskbar or uninstall it from the device as well. See how here.

Turn Windows 11 taskbar into Windows XP

If you are nostalgic or want to create something unique on Windows 11, you can reuse the old taskbar interface on Windows 2000/XP or earlier with the help of RetroBar.

RetroBar 1

RetroBar is free portable software, compatible with Windows 7 SP1 and above. You enter this or direct link this to download the software in a compressed format. You unzip and double-click the file RetroBar.exe to launch the program.

RetroBar theme song

Hopefully the tips or applications introduced above help you have a more enjoyable taskbar experience on Windows 11. Good luck!

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