5 secrets to overcome the busy work at the end of the year

The end of the year is always a challenging period for many people because of the high workload and constantly appearing more. Many employees fall into a state of being constantly busy with work, even overloaded due to various pressures.

This situation, if prolonged, will not only affect your work productivity but also unbalance your life. Here’s how to overcome that effectively.

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It is also important to clearly define what your responsibilities are, and what can be outsourced or delegated to, to avoid confusion. For example, if you need to recruit more part-time employees, you can ask for the support of Job search sites in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi … to save time and energy and still bring high efficiency. There will be no problem if you are an enthusiastic, diligent employee. However, you need to learn how to organize, delegate and even say no to the parts that do not belong to your responsibilities.

5 secrets to overcome the busy work at the end of the year

Because each small task gradually pushes you into a state of work overload. At this time, the pressure will be great if you cannot solve it effectively, and at the same time cause disruption to the year-end plans of the business. So make sure the right person is doing the right job to bring the best benefits to yourself and the team.

Create a daily to-do list

The habit of random and arbitrary work is one of the first obstacles that makes you always feel short of time, especially in the last days of the year. The reason is that when handling tasks that are not in a reasonable order, the jobs, although solved, cannot achieve optimal efficiency.

At this point, the to-do list role will help you a lot. With the habit of spending 15 to 30 minutes each morning for organizing the day’s work, you will easily imagine how your working day will be conducted. The situation of “flooding” at work will no longer worry you.

5 secrets to overcome the busy work at the end of the year
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Group feedback

Teamwork at the end of the year is an interesting activity that helps to reduce load and optimize work. Instead of each individual doing small tasks, waiting for feedback from each department, editing and continuing to break down the work, you need to have a plan so that the team can sit together and come up with solutions. settlement case.

You may think it takes a lot of time to get a lot of people together, but this is a way for members to give direct and immediate feedback. With just one or two meetings a week, you will have a feeling of sharing your work and be much more motivated to overcome the busy work end of the year.

Quickly handle arising situations

With the complex nature and dense working density at the end of the year, mistakes and troubles are inevitable. However, the secret here is how you face and handle those situations that arise. Instead of blaming or giving reasons and explanations, you need to quickly solve the problem so that the situation does not get worse.

5 secrets to overcome the busy work at the end of the year

At this point, pay attention to three questions that need to be answered when facing difficulties: “What is this situation, what are the options that can be used, which option is most appropriate in the current situation?”. This approach will help you see the difficulty in a simple way and quickly deal with it to continue completing the remaining tasks.

Stay focused, positive attitude

A heavy, depressed, tired spirit will not help you get through the busy end of the year. At this time, you will be easily distracted by negative factors that affect and make you unable to solve the work thoroughly. Anxiety when working inefficiently, feeling lost, unable to make decisions, etc. are normal psychology that anyone can face.

Don’t hesitate to reward yourself with a cup of coffee after each task is completed, or feel free to share with colleagues. Staying focused, optimistic and positive attitude will be the best help to help you overcome the busy work day. New Year’s Eve.

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