The year 2022 is about to come, many families are starting to make plans for houses, weddings, etc. Don’t know “When will you be able to build a house in 2022??”, how to calculate as well as the best house directions for all ages? Join Ben Computer to solve your family’s problem of building a house right below this article!

I. Overview of 2022

First of all, we need to learn a few features about 2022 to get an overview and overview of this year.

According to the perpetual calendar, 2022 is the year of the Tiger (ie the year of the tiger). The year 2022 belongs to Kim. Therefore, people born in 2022 will be compatible with those of the Earth and Thuy destiny. In addition, it will be in opposition to those of the Wood and Fire par.

People born in the year of the Tiger are very compatible with the years of the Horse, the Dog and the Tiger. Especially in conflict with the Monkey, Snake, Pig and Tiger years. Therefore, in each area, attention should be paid to avoid conflicts or disputes.

According to horoscope experts, people born in this year will be very talented and talented in balancing, handling and undertaking a variety of tasks at the same time. In addition, they are also honest and straightforward people.

When will you be able to build a house in 2022?

2022 is the year of the Tiger

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II. When will you be able to build a house in 2022?

Thus, in the years of Kim Lau, Hoang Oc and Tam Tai, feng shui experts have analyzed the following ages as the age when building a house, breaking ground in 2022. That is 8 years old as below.

  • 1955 (At Mui)
  • 1962 (Year Tiger)
  • 1965 (At Snake)
  • 1971(Tan Hai)
  • 1974 (Garden Armor)
  • 1983 (Gui Hoi)
  • 1989 (Ky Snake)
  • 1998 (Moon Tiger)

In fact, these are the beautiful or relatively beautiful years to start building a house in 2022. If you yourself have this age of 8 years, you can start building a house without worrying about anything.

III. Is it important to see the age of building a house in 2022?

The study of the age to build a house in 2022 is considered as one of the important things. Because building a standard feng shui house, standard direction will bring luck to the owner. Asian people in general and Vietnamese people in particular are very interested in this age.

The fact also shows that it is very important to see the day, time, month, and year of doing housework. But not only that, looking at the age and the direction of the house cannot be ignored or overlooked. Seeing the age of building a house not only helps homeowners choose a beautiful age, helps the family prosper and is peaceful, but also avoids taboos that may be encountered.

The age of building houses in 2022

Considering the age of building a house is absolutely necessary, not superstition

Therefore, Ben Computer affirms, if you are wondering about “what will be a beautiful house in 2022”, then read this article right away!

IV. Instructions on how to borrow the age to build a house in 2022

In addition to researching the best age to build a house, there is also a method that you can apply if you are in the five offenses but cannot delay the groundbreaking. It is borrowed age to build a house. Below we only teach how to borrow the age to build a house and the following general knowledge.

1. Can’t build a house if the age is not suitable?

A lot of people think that the wrong age is not being able to build a house in a year. There’s actually nothing wrong with this, but you don’t have to worry either. Borrowing for house construction is currently very popular and applied by many people. So you can totally use this.

However, if you proceed to borrow the age, you need to choose the ages of Tam Hop or Nhi Hop. At the same time, it is advisable to choose people who are older, completely healthy, have a higher position than the owner, even those who have a position and voice in the family line to pray for the family to always be in harmony and peace. good health, have many blessings…

2. Procedures for borrowing standard house construction age

Here are the loan procedures to start building a house that you need to pay attention to.

  • Before starting to build a house, the owner needs to do all the documents to sell the house. This is a piece of paper representing the borrower’s age to build a house.
  • When breaking ground, the old borrower will replace the owner to conduct the vows and break ground.
  • During the ceremony, the owner is required to stay away from the ceremony area.
  • In other stages such as pouring the roof, the old borrower will still perform the ceremony on behalf of the owner and the owner will continue to avoid it.
  • When entering the house, the procedures such as offering incense or inaugurating will be done by the borrower and then handed over to the owner.
  • Finally, the homeowner will make documents to buy back the house (the purchase price is higher than the selling price above). Then, pray for the entrance ceremony.

How old is 2022 to make a beautiful house

Borrowing age to build a house is applied by many families to avoid bad years

V. How to see the age of building a house in 2022 without violating Kim Lau, Hoang Oc, Tam Tai

First of all, the groundbreaking is one of the important things, so it is important to pay attention to the ages of bad years in 2022. Below is a list of ages that can commit Kim Lau, Hoang Oc, Tam Tai and can’t move. land in 2022.

Kim LauWild OcTam Tai
1952: 71 years old (Rem Dragon)1952: 71 years old (Rem Dragon)1953: 70 years old (Qui Ty)
1953: 70 years old (Qui Ty)1953: 70 years old (Qui Ty)1954: 69 years old (Giap Ngo)
1955: 68 years old (At Mui)1955: 68 years old (At Mui)1955: 68 years old (At Mui)
1956: 67 years old (Ping Than)1956: 67 years old (Ping Than)1957: 66 years old (Ding Dau)
1958: 65 years old (Mau Tuat)1959: 64 years old (Ky Pig)1958: 65 years old (Mau Tuat)
1960: 63 years old (Canh Ty)1961: 62 years old (Tan Ox)1959: 64 years old (Ky Pig)
1962: 61 years old (Year Tiger)1962: 61 years old (Year Tiger)1961: 62 years old (Tan Ox)
1964: 59 years old (Giap Dragon)1964: 59 years old (Giap Dragon)1962: 61 years old (Year Tiger)
1965: 58 years old (At Ty)1965: 58 years old (At Ty)1963: 60 years old (Gui Mao)
1967: 56 years old (Dinh Mui)1968: 55 years old (Mau Than)1965: 58 years old (At Ty)
1969: 54 years old (Rooster period)1970: 53 years old (Canh Tuat)1966: 57 years old (Pin Horse)
1971: 52 years old (Tan Hai)1971: 52 years old (Tan Hai)1967: 56 years old (Dinh Mui)
1974: 49 years old (Giap Dan)1974: 49 years old (Giap Dan)1969: 54 years old (Rooster period)
1976: 47 years old (Pin Dragon)1977: 46 years old (Dinh Ty)1970: 53 years old (Canh Tuat)
1978: 45 years old (Moon Horse)1979: 44 years old (Ji Goi)1971: 52 years old (Tan Hai)
1980: 43 years old (Canh Than)1980: 43 years old (Canh Than)1973: 50 years old (Qui Ox)
1982: 41 years old (Nhat Tuat)1983: 40 years old (Qui Hoi)1974: 49 years old (Giap Dan)
1983: 40 years old (Qui Hoi)1986: 37 years old (Pin Tiger)1975: 48 years old (At Mao)
1985: 38 years old (At Ox)1988: 35 years old (Mau Thin)1977: 46 years old (Dinh Ty)
1987: 36 years old (Dinh Mao)1989: 34 years old (Ky Ty)1978: 45 years old (Moon Horse)
1989: 34 years old (Ky Ty)1992: 31 years old (Nham Than)1979: 44 years old (Ji Goi)
1991: 32 years old (Tan Mui)1995: 28 years old (At Hoi)1981: 42 years old (Tan Dau)
1992: 31 years old (Nham Than)1997: 26 years old (Dinh Suu)1982: 41 years old (Nhat Tuat)
1994: 29 years old (Giap Tuat)1998: 25 years old (Mau Dan)1983: 40 years old (Qui Hoi)
1996: 27 years old (Binh Ty)2001: 22 years old (Tan Ty)1985: 38 years old (At Ox)
1998: 25 years old (Mau Dan)2003: 20 years old (Qui Mui)1986: 37 years old (Pin Tiger)
2000: 23 years old (Canh Dragon)1987: 36 years old (Dinh Mao)
2001: 22 years old (Tan Ty)1989: 34 years old (Ky Ty)
2003: 20 years old (Qui Mui)1990: 33 years old (Canh Ngo)
1991: 32 years old (Tan Mui)
1993: 30 years old (Qui Dau)
1994: 29 years old (Giap Tuat)
1995: 28 years old (At Hoi)
1997: 26 years old (Dinh Suu)
1998: 25 years old (Mau Dan)
1999: 24 years old (Year of the Rabbit)
2001: 22 years old (Tan Ty)
2002: 21 years old (Nham Ngo)
2003: 20 years old (Qui Mui)

According to feng shui research, the above ages are not the age to build a house in 2022. If you are wondering what age to build a good house in 2022, you need to keep track of the ages in the table to avoid bad luck in 2022. .

Above are the sharing of Ben Computer about the question “When will you be able to build a house in 2022??” as well as how to borrow the age to build a house. We hope that our sharing can satisfy your questions. If you need anything answered, leave us a comment below the article. Wishing you a happy reading and see you in the next sections.


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