Teamviewer is a concept that everyone must have heard more or less about. However, not everyone understands the true meaning of TeamViewer. So what is TeamViewer and how to use TeamViewer? Let’s find out with Ben Computer in this article!

1/ What is TeamViewer?

According to Wikipedia, TeamViewer is a software that helps connect 2 or more computers. Using this software, you can control another computer from one computer, share your screen , transfer files, and do webinars.

What is TeamViewer?

TeamViewer can be considered a free software because if you use it in a personal connection and not in a commercial form for the company, there will be no charge. This is a software that is quite easy to use and not picky about the operating system. From Windows, Android, iOS and even web browsers can use this software.

Besides the concept of TeamViewer, you can refer to some other related terms such as:

  • TeamViewer Host is an application that supports remote computer control without affecting the computer’s access speed, operating through Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.
  • Teamviewer QuickSupport is an application that allows you to access your iPhone/iPad through Teamviewer software on your computer or on another platform.

2/ Is TeamViewer safe? 

TeamViewer is very safe software and does not pose any danger to your computer. Because the developer has enhanced security when only allowing verified connections to pass when two terminals are connected. In addition, the publisher also prevents unauthorized intrusion from hackers by limiting fixed traffic when there is a connection between machines.

Is Teamviewer safe?
Is Teamviewer safe?

3/ Instructions on how to use TeamViewer

How to use TeamViewer is not too complicated, you follow the following steps:

First, you need to install TeamViewer for the machines you want to connect. Then, the computers that need to be connected must have the TeamViewer software open.

How to use Teamviewer
How to use Teamviewer

After TeamViewer opens, you can see a screen showing a frame containing two information:  Your ID ,  Password. These are two important pieces of information to be able to connect the machines.

  • If your machine is the controller machine, contact the controlled machine to get  Your ID  and  Password  for that machine. Next, enter  Your ID  you got into the Partner ID section   on your computer  =>  select  Remote Control =>  select  Connect to partner.

Immediately after performing the above steps, a small window appears asking you to enter the  password =>  enter the  password  the other machine sent you  =>  select  Log on.

  • If your computer is a controlled machine, just send two information  Your ID ,  Password  to the controller and wait for the connection.

After the two computers are successfully connected, the TeamViewer software of the controller will display the screen of the controlled machine. Then, you can operate normally like when controlling your computer. You can minimize, expand the toolbar as you like and chat with the computer being controlled.

However, if you are using TeamViewer to connect two machines, copying and pasting data will take longer depending on the data size and connection speed of both machines. Because then, backing up is like downloading a file. You copy the file from which machine that machine will play the upload role, you paste it to which machine that machine will play the download role.

3/ Notes when using TeamViewer

Connecting two machines and giving control to another machine can cause a lot of problems without careful monitoring, so when you use TeamViewer, you should note the following:

Need to monitor regularly if your computer is a controlled machine

This is very necessary if you cannot trust the controller 100%. Because computers are places where a lot of important personal data is stored. To avoid intrusion and loss of important data, you should monitor to be able to prevent timely.

Notes when using TeamViewer
Monitor your computer regularly if your computer is controlled

Pay attention to turn off TeamViewer if you don’t need to connect anymore

After completing the connection, TeamViewer still saves the old password and changes it only when you turn off the software and restart it. If after completing the connection, you still leave the device working and the TeamViewer software has not been turned off, the connected machine can still re-enter TeamViewer to control your device. Therefore, when you do not want to connect anymore, you should close the software by right- clicking on the TeamViewer icon on the system and selecting  Exit .

Above is all the things you need to know related to TeamViewer, hope the article provides you with useful information. If you have any feedback, please comment below to let Ben Computer know!


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