Using a TeamViewer account, you can save TeamViewer data (eg TeamViewer ID with or without password, TeamViewer account or connection settings) of people or computers you connect to frequently, for access easier in the future.

You can access this information in your account at any time. Simply log in with your TeamViewer account credentials to the Computers & Contracts list in TeamViewer full version (the full version of TeamViewer) or access the TeamViewer Management Console. manage TeamViewer).

The TeamViewer account gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the features of the Computers & Contracts list. Consists of:

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A list of all the computers that you connect to frequently;

Manage your customers’ TeamViewer data for simplified connection setup;

Establish a quick connection without entering a TeamViewer ID or password;

Use important TeamViewer features with one click (remote control, presentations, file transfer, chat, etc.);

Remote desktop monitoring, e.g. whether your Windows Firewall is activated or your Antivirus software needs updating. You can upgrade this feature with more checks by using TeamViewer™ Monitoring.

Manage TeamViewer service queue (TeamViewer service queue) and all service instances;

Connection reports of your TeamViewer connections in the TeamViewer Management Console;

Define connection settings for connections to your clients and computers.

In addition: You can use your TeamViewer account to register for the TeamViewer Community to participate in Q&A about questions when using the software.

With a TeamViewer account, you can also access the TeamViewer Management Console, use TeamViewer Integrations, or develop your own TeamViewer applications using the TeamViewer API.

Note: Some of the above features require a TeamViewer license .

Sign up for a TeamViewer account

To sign up for a TeamViewer account, you can use TeamViewer full version (or TeamViewer Management Console).

When using TeamViewer full version, follow these simple steps after installation:

  • Launch TeamViewer full version.
  • Click the Subscribe link in the Computers & Contacts tab
  • Enter your name, email address, and password as the login information for your account.
  • Click Next
  • Specify the Device name and password for remote access to this computer(optional)
  • Click Next
  • Click Finish
  • Thus, you have successfully registered a TeamViewer account. Alternatively, you can also sign up for a TeamViewer account in the TeamViewer Management Console.

    Note: You should further protect your TeamViewer account with two-factor authentication. 

    Verify your new TeamViewer account

    After successfully creating a TeamViewer account, you will receive a confirmation email with an activation link. Then activate your TeamViewer account, please click this link as soon as you receive the mail.

    If you did not receive the activation email, please proceed as follows:

    • First, check your spam folder.
    • If it does not contain an email from us, please visit and re-login with your email and password.
    • You now have the option to resend the activation email or change the email address to something else.

    Why get “Invalid or expired token” error message?

    The TeamViewer account must be activated within one day by clicking the validation link in the email. If the TeamViewer account is not activated within this time period, the email’s authentication link will expire.

    In this case, proceed as follows:

    • Please login under with your login data (username + password).
    • You now have the option to receive the email again with a new confirmation link.

    Add the computer to your Computers & Contracts list

    The Computers & Contracts list is like your “phone book” for TeamViewer IDs and contacts. You can add computers you are maintaining or normally connected to to the Computers & Contracts list.

  • Please follow these steps to add a computer:

    1. Go to the Computers & Contracts tab
    2. Click the Add Computer & Contacts icon (the icon of a person with a + on it)
    3. Select Add remote computer in the drop-down menu
    4. Properties window   will open. Please add the following information of the remote computer: TeamViewer ID (required), Password, Alias, Select a team in your Computers & Contracts list
    5. Click OK – now the computer is saved in your Computers & Contacts list.

    Now you can check its online status and availability for remote support and connect to the computer without entering the TeamViewer ID. You can also transfer files (secured with end-to-end encryption).

    How to assign a name to TeamViewer ID?

    When saving the TeamViewer ID to the Computers & Contacts list, you can define Alias (Alias) in the properties for the device. You can always change the alias later through the properties or by pressing the F2 button while highlighting the device in the Computers & Contacts list.

    Add a contact to the Computers & Contacts list

    The Computers & Contacts list is like your “phonebook” for TeamViewer IDs and contacts. You can add TeamViewer accounts of customers or business partners with whom you communicate frequently, in the Computers & Contacts list.

    Please follow these steps to add a contact:

    • Go to the Computers & Contacts tab
    • Click the Add Computer & Contacts icon (the icon of a person with a + on it)
    • Select Add contact   in the drop-down menu
    • A Properties window will open. Please add the following information: Contact TeamViewer account email address (required), Description, Select a group in your Computers & Contacts list
    • Click OK – now the contact is saved in your Computers & Contacts list.

    You can now check their online status and availability for remote support sessions and connect with contacts without entering the TeamViewer ID by prompting for confirmation. You can also transfer files (secured with end-to-end encryption), chat or have instant video calls.

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