Download TeamViewer – Remote computer connection and control software

TeamViewer is a remote computer access and control solution that supports technical guidance, software installation, and computer troubleshooting at any geographical distance. TeamViewer provides an ID and password to ensure the security of each session, ensure a private space for users, and also help you share screens on mobile devices.

1.What is Teamviewer?

TeamViewer is remote desktop connection software, with a simple, easy-to-use interface, and a wide range of security features and protocols that allow users to effectively and securely “interact” remotely. Totally, downloading TeamViewer will be the ideal choice for those who are looking for software to support remote computer access and control. You can download TeamViewer for free for your computer including 32-bit versions of TeamViewer and 64-bit TeamViewer. In addition, you can refer to the TeamViewer QuickSupport application to access your iPhone/iPad via Teamviewer software on your computer or Teamviewer application on other platforms, using TeamViewer QuickSupport is similar to the original TeamViewer version.

Download TeamViewer

Download TeamViewer for free – Remote control software for PC

1.1. What’s outstanding about TeamViewer?

* Cross-platform
TeamViewer 15 (or some users may call it TeamView) works on most platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS, Android, Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and BlackBerry. Support connecting PC to PC, PC to mobile device and vice versa.

* No system configuration required
After installation, you can use the software immediately without having to configure settings on the system. TeamViewer can work behind firewalls and automatically detect any proxy configuration.

* Compatible with many operating systems
The software to support remote computer access and control is compatible and works on many different systems. TeamViewer Download free version for platforms is now available on TAIMIENPHI.VN.

Download TeamViewer

Download TeamViewer – Remote desktop access software

* Free and multi-language support
As mentioned above, TeamViewer includes both a free version for individual users and supports 30 different languages.

 Integrated monitoring
features Other outstanding features of TeamViewer are monitoring and sending alerts to users if hard drive space is full, Windows updates, virus alerts and Windows firewall.

 Share files, data
Support file sharing at speeds up to 200 MB/s, through file manager, menu and drag and drop.

 Online chat Instant
messaging function on TeamViewer includes group chat, web-based chat, offline message, chat history, fixed group chat, … supports both mobile devices and code terminalization.

Recording Record sessions or remote controls (including audio, VoIP, video and webcam images) in AVI video format.

 Remote Control
Control your computer or Android, Windows 10 Mobile devices remotely. 

In addition, TeamViewer also has a version to use directly without having to install. Users can download TeamViewer Portable and store it on USB for easy use on many different computers.

To find out more information about the software, you can visit the homepage of TeamViewer Company.

Download the latest TeamViewer

Download TeamViewer – Remote desktop connection software

1.2. Why choose and use TeamViewer?

There are various reasons why you should install and use Teamviewer, including: 

– Free software, easy to install and update.
– Support sharing files, data.
– Allows remote access and control of computers.
– No router configuration required.
– Users can access data and applications anytime, anywhere on TeamViewer.
– In addition, TeamViewer also supports document printing, remote chat and Wake-on-LAN.
– With TeamViewer, users can share their screen, application window and entire screen.
– Drag and drop feature allows users to easily share files from one system to another.

1.3. Some frequently asked questions when using Teamviewer

* Is TeamViewer safe? Should I use it?
Basically TeamViewer is legal software, safe and does not pose any danger to the user’s system or computer.

*  How do I know if someone using TeamViewer accesses my computer remotely?
When someone connects and accesses your computer remotely through TeamView, a software window will be displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen. On Mac, this window is in the top right corner of the screen.

*  Is there a way to access remote desktop using TeamViewer without others knowing?
In this case you must know or set up a login password on the computer that you want to access remotely. Next open Teamviewer, then click Menu => Options. At this time, a window will appear on the screen, here find and click “Securtiy”.

*  How to automatically connect to TeamViewer?
Select the connection mode you want: remote control, presentation, file transfer or VPN. After the installation is complete, open TeamViewer and click on the Connection tab in the top corner of the window, select “Setup unattended access …”.

1.4. Supported Platforms

As mentioned above, TeamViewer works on most platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS, Android, Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and BlackBerry.

TeamViewer available versions for Android, iOS?

TeamViewer is also available for Android, and iPhone.

2. Link to download TeamViewer

2.1. TeamViewer 15

TeamViewer 15 is the latest version today, adding a lot of new functions, supporting faster and more stable computer connection speeds.

– Link to download TeamViewer 15

2.2. TeamViewer 14

Although TeamViewer 15 has been released, many people are still used to using TeamViewer 14, however, Taimienphi recommends that you update to the latest version to use new and more secure features.

– Link to download TeamViewer 14

TipsHow to install TeamViewer

3. How to install TeamViewer

Step 1: Download Teamviewer 15 version to your computer.
Step 2: You run the Teamview installation file, you can double-click to run it or right-click and select Run as administrator to run with Admin rights.

install teamviewer

Step 3: Select Default installation and Show advanced settings -> Select Accept – next

install teamviewer meme

Step 4: Select Next

install teamviewer

Step 5: Select No, I only need TeamViewer for personal use -> select Finish

teamviewer teamviewer

And this is the interface of TeamViewer when installed

download teamviewer software

4. How to use TeamViewer

TipsHow to control a remote computer with TeamViewer

Step 1: You ask the person sitting at the computer that needs access to give information about the Partner ID (which is his/her ID) and Password -> Once you have it, enter Partner in the interface box as shown and select Connect

how to use teamviewer

Step 2: At the next interface, the program asks you to enter the Password (password) asked in Step 1 -> you enter Password -> click Log On to access

How to use teamviewer on computer?

At this point, you have access to the machine interface of the computer that needs to be controlled.

teamviewer 15

TipsFix common TeamView errors

5. Common TeamViewer errors

Compared with many remote control software today, Teamview has reached a threshold that is difficult for any software to catch up with, but the developer is still constantly innovating to better meet the needs of customers. Especially fix installation errors that cause the software to not work. And one of the basic errors of the software is the black screen error.

Step 1: To fix Teamviewer black screen error we need to open Teamviewer then select Extras -> select Options

download teamviewer

Step 2: In Options, go to Remote Control , here you will see an item called Remove remote wallpaper , check it and confirm OK . The Teamviewer black screen error will no longer happen.

teamviewer online

Then you can try again to let someone else control your computer or you control someone else’s machine will see the difference when the Teamviewer black screen error is completely eliminated.

This is also just a basic error that we often encounter on this TeamView software, in addition we have many other errors such as TeamViewer Not Running On Partner Computer or Unable To Connect To The Proxy Server, … that you have may be encountered during use.

6. Some Teamviewer replacement software

* Chrome Remote Desktop
Chrome Remote Desktop is one of the popular free remote desktop access software today. The advantage of this software is that it is easy to set up and use, provides a stable connection between remote devices, supports remote computer access and control, file sharing, … . Only thing is that for the software to work properly, it requires installing the extension on Chrome and does not support screen sharing, chat.

Mikogo is also a reliable TeamViewer alternative, and is directly accessible in web browsers for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, with no download and installation required. 

Especially the cloud-based HTML viewer can connect 25 users on the same computer simultaneously. Admin or users with access can switch roles whenever required and can control the computer remotely.

In addition, Mikogo also has built-in features that allow users to share data, record session screen, chat, share screen, …

Splashtop is known as a remote desktop access and control solution, allowing users to access applications, projects, data files and training remotely. 

The software supports and works on both Windows, macOS, Linux platforms as well as Android and iOS mobile platforms, allowing access to up to 5 devices connected on the same local network.

Click [Link File] to download the software, or download the appropriate version below


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