Download TeamViewer Touch for Windows 8 – Remote computer control on Windows 8

TeamViewer Touch is remote desktop control and online meeting software exclusively for Windows 8 devices. The program does not require server access, can take screenshots, restart the computer, multi-screen display,…

TeamViewer Touch for Windows 8

TeamViewer Touch provides the ability to control remote computers and set up online meetings on Windows 8 devices. Users can control any remote computer within seconds on a single connection. Highly secure internet. As a result, users can assist colleagues or family with computer problems and assist with related tasks and tasks.

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The TeamViewer Touch program does not require access through the server or monitoring computers. The software allows capturing other applications side-by-side, so members can monitor information from other applications during a remote session. Users can view the list of participating members as well as their active status through quick access.

TeamViewer Touch offers high connection security thanks to 256-bit AES Encryption and 1024-Bit RSA Key Exchange. The software also allows to display multi-monitor mode, landscape mode as well as portrait mode and can restart the computer remotely. In addition, the program provides many handy and useful keyboard shortcuts.

The main features of TeamViewer Touch:

– Control computers from and online meetings.
– Safe connection, high security.
– No server or monitor required.
– Capture application information.
– Multiple display modes.

Click [Link File] to download the software, or download the appropriate version below


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