Download TeamViewer for Remote Control – Application to control the computer from the phone

TeamViewer for Remote Control is a installed mobile application that allows users to remotely control a computer, smartphone or tablet while you are on the go. TeamViewer for Remote Control can be accessed remotely from anywhere, allowing any Android or iOS user to view, control or provide technical support to other users.

Through TeamViewer for Remote Control , users can have unlimited access to computers with firewalls and proxy servers set up. Besides, there is a controller friendly with touch gestures (including support for multi-touch mode of Windows 8). TeamViewer for Remote Control also provides full keyboard functionality just like you would with a computer keyboard. For example, when you press a special key combination like Windows, Ctrl+Alt+Del.

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Download TeamViewer for Remote Control – Application to control the computer from the phone

Thanks to its portability and flexibility, TeamViewer for Remote Control is a useful tool for users to support their customers and colleagues simultaneously. Besides, you can also access the office computer with all its documents and installed applications, remotely administer the computers, easily transfer files to and from the remote computer. The utility is freely available for non-commercial use: support family and friends or enjoy remote access to your computer

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Download TeamViewer for Remote Control – Remote control phone application

With the help of TeamViewer for Remote Control , users can control the remote computer as if you were sitting in front of the screen and use the mouse to access everything on the desktop; support customers, colleagues, friends to handle computer problems anytime, anywhere; easy access to the computer system in the office to carry out the transfer of documents and installed applications to the phone; remote management of “non-attendant” computers (not in the server system…).

In addition, now UltraViewer software is also highly appreciated by many people, is a safe, fast and secure remote control solution, with UltraViewer you can control multiple computers at the same time without difficulty. any difficulty in terms of geographical distance.

Key features of TeamViewer for Remote Control:

– The application supports remote access to computers

– Comprehensive keyboard controls including special keys

– Meet the highest security requirements

– Easily access computers with firewalls and proxy servers

– Automatic quality adjustment.

– Automatically adjust the screen resolution of the remote computer.

Click [Link File] to download the software, or download the appropriate version below


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