Download TeamViewer for Android – Control your computer with an Android device 

TeamViewer for Android is a mobile installed TeamViewer app that lets you Remote to another computer, smartphone or tablet while you’re on the go. TeamViewer for Android provides spontaneous support or unattended computer management, and can remotely control other mobile devices, using modern coding standards.

1. Introducing TeamViewer for Android

Teamviewer, a very useful and convenient remote control software, now has a separate version of TeamViewer for Android to help users get the most seamless user experience. You will no longer need to carry a laptop just to access a document file stored on your home computer anymore, or you can immediately support friends and colleagues to solve IT problems they encounter right on the laptop. Android smartphones.

download teamviewer for android

Download TeamViewer for Android to help access computers and laptops remotely

Similar to other Teamviewer versions, Teamviewer for Android also has the function to support users to control other computer and phone devices remotely as long as they also have the Teamviewer application installed. And vice versa, you can also allow other Teamviewer users to control and access resources on your device by granting them permissions and the Teamviewer ID code they are using.

With the application interface is designed to be minimalist, the functions are arranged very intuitively, easy to understand, you will not have to spend too much time getting used to Teamviewer for Android. And once you’ve mastered it, you’ll be able to access and use data on your home desktop, on your colleagues’ devices, or have full control over another device remotely. without having to interact directly. 

2. How to use Teamviewer for Android

Step 1: Install Teamviewer on Android phones
Step 2: Open the application -> You enter the partner ID in the blank box as shown -> select Remote computer control

how to use teamviewer for android

Step 3: Go to the next interface, enter your partner’s password in the Authentication box -> select OK to start the connection.

how to use teamview on android phone

The interface on the computer that needs to be connected is displayed on the Android phone (left image below.)
To exit TeamViewer on Android, click the X -> select Close

connect computer on android phone bang teamviewer

3. The main functions of Teamviewer for Android

– Screen sharing and full control over other devices.
– Intuitive screen and familiar controls.
– Exchange data between devices easily.
– Features chat, send messages and video calls in HD quality.
– Highest information security standards: 256 bit AES, 2048 bit RSA.

4. Related software 

TeamViewer helps you to access other computers without supervision, you just need to log in with the Code ID provided by the computer user, all that is displayed on the Desktop PC will also be displayed intact. on the screen of your mobile device.


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