TeamViewer is extremely useful software. It allows remote computer control over the network, but this itself raises concerns about data security. Let’s learn how to set a password for TeamViwer so that when TeamViewer starts with Windows you will keep your computer data secure.

Through TeamViewer, even if you are not close to each other, you can still support installing software, fixing computer errors to help friends and relatives. Due to the heavy use of TeamViewer, you often let it start with the computer when turned on. Therefore, setting a password for TeamViewer when starting with Windows will help you avoid unauthorized access by others to your computer.


Step 1 : Run TeamViewer then select Extra -> Options.

go to install data according to teamviewer

Step 2: Check The box Start TeamViewer with Windows so that the application starts with Windows. At this point, you will be asked to enter the password twice. Tick OK to continue.

go to teamviewer when i don't have windows

If you want to uninstall tracking when TeamViewer starts with Windows, just uncheck the box Start TeamViewer with Windows and you ‘re done.

How To Know If The Device Is Secretly Installed Or Not?

To know if the device has been installed secretly, observe the TeamViewer icon on the taskbar. If so, then someone must be installing stealthily on your computer. Now follow the steps above to uninstall TeamViewer tracking that starts with the computer.
go to install teamviewer, go teamviewer does not work with windows, teamviewer does not work with windows
So we just showed you how to uninstall uninstall tracking when TeamViewer starts with Windows. It’s simple, right? After uninstalling, you can have some peace of mind when using TeamViewer. In addition, we also guide you how to change your password TeamViewer helps you change the number of characters in your password from 4 numbers to 6 numbers or more.


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