Xem Thêm : Instructions to fix the most common Teamviewer errors

 Currently, the latest teamviewer software has been updated to version 14, a very annoying thing is that the old versions cannot remotely support higher versions.

By default, when users go to the download homepage, they will download the latest version. This makes it difficult for support professionals to use a lower version for copyright reasons.

Reset Teamviewer 14 ID, fix Teamviewer 2019 5 minute time limit error

Normally you can use teamviewer 14 And I like to use the tool to reset the teamviewer IDIn this article, the software will guide you to use the tool to reset the teamviewer id 14, with this tool your teamviewer ID will be reset and the software will continue to use the full functions as the original version. trial or free version.

Download teamviewer 14 and tool reset ID:

You can download teamviewer 14 from the homepage: https://www.teamviewer.com/en/

Download tool reset id teamviewer 14Google Link | Link Fshare

Instructions to reset id teamviewer 14

After downloading the tool to reset teamviewer ID 14, extract and run the software with administrator rights

Choose Trial or Free and press start

If the software asks you to point the path to the installation location of teamviewer 14 software, you should point to the following path:

For computers running win 32bit C:Program FilesTeamViewer
For computers running win 64bit C: Program Files (x86)TeamViewer
Done, wait for the process of resetting teamviewer ID 14 to complete and select End

So you have successfully reset id teamviewer 14 and used it freely without being limited to 5 minutes when the trial expires again.

Note that after a period of using the software, the trial will expire, so just run the tool again as above to reset the ID.

After resetting the teamviewer 14 id, you will use the full functionality of the software, fix the 5-minute limit error when the remote, fix the teamviewer expired error, the remote supports multiple sessions….

The source: https://tvtoolsalterid.com
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