Teamviewer is an extremely useful software. It allows control to connect one or more devices together. Wherever you are, just have this software that you can completely use and work on your device remotely. However, sometimes when using Teamviewer, an error occurs. But you don’t need to worry too much. Because the information below will provide you with common Teamviewer errors and how to fix them. Let’s find out together!

Fix teamviewer not connecting (not controlling) another device

This error occurs when the computer on the other end has no network connection. However, in some cases, this error still occurs even when the computer is connected to the network.

There are many causes of errors, possibly due to installation errors, incompatibility with the version of TeamViewer installed on two computers, …

fix h1

To handle the error, you can apply the following error correction methods:

Method 1: Restart the network

Both sides (i.e. you and the user on the other end) restart the router and check if the Teaviewer error still occurs.

Method 2: Allow full access to Teamview

Open TeamViewer and click Extras on the menu bar.

Next click Options and switch to the left pane, find and select Advanced. In the right pane, find and click Show advanced options.

fix error h2

In the Advanced settings for connection to this computer section, under Access Control, select Full Access from the menu.

Select OK to save the changes. Then check if Teamviewer still has errors.

Method 3: Clear DNS configuration

The third method to fix the error is to delete the DNS configuration.

Open Command Prompt as administrator, then run the commands below one by one to clear the DNS cache:


Fix H3 . error

After the operation is complete and close the Command Prompt window. Check if the error persists or not.

Fix teamviewer with black screen

TeamViewer is set by default to remove the desktop wallpaper. If there is another computer connect and access your machine. Then the computer screen will automatically be replaced with a black background. Makes you think it’s TeamViewer’s fault.

With low profile machines. Then deleting the wallpaper will help a lot, avoiding freezes, unstable network connections.

Steps to remove black screen:

Step 1:

Turn on TeamViewer software. At the top of the interface, click on the Extras section, then select the Options management section.

Fix H4 . error

Step 2:

Switch to the new interface. Click on the Remote Control management group and then look to the right.

Uncheck “Remove remote wallpaper”. And click OK to save. The computer will display the original wallpaper again.

Fix H5 . error

Teamviewer is blocked

Cause of the error: Teamviewer you are using does not have a license, so your IP is blocked and your Mac address is locked. This will cause your computer to be denied access.

You have also taken measures like deleting and reinstalling but still getting this behavior.

Manifestation of Teamviewer error:  the computer appears the prompt “Access to the Teamviewer Server Has Been Denied!” (Access to Teamviewer server denied)

Fix H6 . error


How to fix the error:

First, you need to use software like Your Uninstaller or Revo Uninstaller Pro to completely remove Teamviewer from your computer.

Then download and install Technitium MAC Address Changer software. This software helps to change the computer’s MAC address easily, and is completely free.

After installing Technitium MAC Address Changer, open that program.

Then follow these steps:

Step 1: Select the network card you are using.

Step 2: Click on Random MAC Address.

Step 3: Finally, press the Change Now button!

Wait until you receive the Successfully notification.

Fix H7 . error

When the change is successful, the software will appear a message as shown.

Fix H8 . error

At this point, you have basically fixed the error of TeamViewer. Click Restore Original if you want to return to the default Mac address.

Finally, download the latest version of TeamViewer to use.

Teamviewer has expired

Method 1: Reset ID

The simplest way to fix the TeamViewer trial expired error is to reset the ID. You download the Reset ID Teamviewer tool (TVTools AlterID), then do one of the following two ways:

+ Turn on TeamViewer then run the downloaded TVTools_AlterID.exe file.

+ If not, copy the file TVTools_AlterID.exe to the place where Teamviewer is installed (usually C:Program Files (x86)TeamViewer).

Fix H9 . error


Trial: Try it for 7

Free: Free version (with ads).

Wipe: Perform the Reset ID function on the TeamViewer software on the device to fix the error

After choosing 1 of the 3 items above, click Start to execute.

Method 2: Change the Mac address

The way to do it is similar to the Teamviewer error fix.

Teamviewer error does not show ID

Method 1: Fix the error by turning off the firewall

Detailed instructions

Step 1: Open the start menu or press the Window key on your keyboard. Then enter to search and open Windows Defender

Fix error H10

Step 2: Choose to enable or disable Windows Defender Firewall (Windows Defender Firewall on or off).

Fix -h11

Step 3: Select Turn off Windows Defender Firewall (not recommended) and then press OK

Fix -h12

Then try again to see if Teamviewer still has the error or not.

Method 2: Antivirus software

Antivirus software has always been a matter of many utilities and software on the device. Because it makes your computer too secure, strange connections are disabled by default. However, if you need to use Teamviewer, you can temporarily turn it off so you can connect to other computers.

Moreover, anti-virus software makes the computer unresponsive when in use. Therefore, if your computer is not fine, you should remove the anti-virus software and use the default Windows anti-virus software.

Method 3: File Teamviewer error

Teamviewer error is often simply caused by a corrupted Teamviewer file.

An error or broken part in Teamviewer can also be the cause of Teamviewer not showing ID and Pass. In this case you just need to remove Teamviewer. Then proceed to reinstall Teamviewer the latest version.

Teamviewer failed to connect to the proxy server

The main cause of the error: There is a problem with the network connection or the Proxy Protocol is not correct.

How to fix errors

Step 1: Press Ctrl + R to open the Run box, type msconfig into it and press Enter.

Fix -h13

Step 2: When a new window appears, click the Boot tab and turn on Safe Mode. Then restart the computer.

Fix -h14

Step 3: After turning on the computer again. Go to Control Panel, select Internet Options, then select the Connections tab, and then click the Settings button.

Fix -h15

Step 4: Uncheck your proxy server, then click Apply.

Step 5: Continue to open the Run box and enter msconfig, on the next window, uncheck the box in Safe Mode.

Then restart the machine and try to connect with Teamviewer again to see if the error is still there.

Fix -h16

Fix teamviewer limited to 5 minutes 

Error reason: The amount of free use has expired.

The manifestation of this Teamviewer error is: after the first 100 times of use, it disconnects every 5 minutes, it is necessary to buy a license.

You have done all the steps like uninstalling and reinstalling, wiping the software and even reinstalling it, but it still doesn’t fix it.

To work around this error, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Start Teamviewer -> click the arrow in the Partner ID section -> select “Clear this history” to delete all the list of controlled IDs.

If you are already logged in to your account, please log out as well.

Fix -h17

Step 2:

Go to the control panel (Control Panel) remove Teamviewer from the computer -> it will ask if you want to keep the settings, you choose to delete.

error teamview-h18

Step 3:

Visit the following links to find and delete the “TeamViewer” folder:

C:Program Files (x86) or C:Program Files



Step 4:

Right-click the network card icon in the system tray and select Properties.

error teamview-h19

A new dialog box appears, select Configure… -> Yes.

error teamview-h20

Step 5:

Another dialog bar appears, select the Advanced tab.

In the Property list, select “Network address” -> check the “Value” box on the right side as shown in the picture, finally click OK.

error teamview-h21

Step 6: Enter a new address for the network card

To see the current network card address, open the Run window and type “cmd” and “Enter”

A command input window will appear, type “ipconfig /all” and Enter, it will open a new window.

Depending on the machine will display the long or short address, you just need to pay attention to the marking information as shown below:

error teamview-h22

As shown above, the current MAC address is “00-24-8C-4F-EB-FA”. You can change any number to create a new network card.

For example, if you change the above address to “00-24-8C-4F-EB-F9”, then enter “00248C4FEBF9” in the network card name above and then press “OK” to finish.

Step 7:

Press Windows + R key combination, type “regedit” and press Enter to open the Registry.

Access the following 2 paths and delete the TeamViewer folder in it.



error teamview-h23

Next, click on the “Computer” folder at the top, then view on the toolbar, select edit (Edit) then select Find and enter the keyword “teamviewer” in the search box. Or press Ctrl + F.

error teamview-h24

After the search results appear, tap Clear All. Continue pressing F3 to search. Do this until you receive a message that “teamviewer” is not found in the Registry anymore.

Step 8:

After Teamviewer has been completely removed, reinstall the new version of Teamviewer.

You will be provided with a new ID and password. Teamviewer error limited to 5 minutes will be completely fixed.

Above are Teamviewer errors and the most effective way to fix them. Hope you have gained some useful knowledge for yourself. I wish you success in applying and fixing errors!


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