TeamViewe r is a remote computer control software used by many people today. After installing this software on the computer, TeamViewer will automatically install for users a fixed ID and a 4-character password sequence, which is changed and tracked after each access. However, now users can set a fixed password for their ID.

Not only that setting a fixed password, we can also change the password to help increase the security of the TeamViewer account. Here,  will introduce the article How to set a fixed password on Teamviewer , invite you to refer.

Instructions to set a fixed password for Teamviewer

Step 1: First, we will open the Teamviewer software on our computer.

Step 2: In the main interface of the software, click on Extras at the top of the screen.

Click on Extras

Step 3: Next, in the utility window, click on Options.

Click on Options

Step 4: The TeamViewer Options interface appears, switch to the Security tab. Look to the right of the Personal password (For unattended access) section , enter the password in the Password box , re-enter that password in the Confirm Password box , and then click OK to save.

Set password Teamviewer

In addition, in the Random password (for spontaneous access) section, users can also adjust the password length from 4 characters to 6, 8, 10 characters. Disabled to disable the password when connecting 2 computers.

Teamviewer password length

Video tutorial to set a fixed password on Teamviewer

You will now use the password you just created to create a connection for others. This is very handy if you regularly ask a person, they will remember the ID and password for the next help without asking for the login password again. However, if let fraudsters detect and take advantage, this will be a great danger to the user’s account. Therefore, consider carefully before proceeding to use, because each password has its own advantages and disadvantages.


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