Recently, TeamViewer has updated two new features, Trusted Devices and Data Integrity, to enhance the security of account information for users better. So how to enable these two features on the TeamViewer application that you are using?

Recently, there was a lot of information related to user information security when many TeamViewer accounts were taken advantage of by bad guys. Initial information shows that the hacker took control of the user and stole all the money in the user’s bank. However, a TeamViewer representative has affirmed that the error belongs to the user and the real server of the software is not attacked.

bat Tinh Nang trusted devices and data integrity on teamviewer

Not long after that, TeamViewer announced the launch of two new features called Trusted Devices and Data Integrity to enhance software security. The company specifically emphasized that TeamViewer uses the Secure Remote Password (SRP) protocol, so it ensures not to store any personal data of the user.

So what role do these two features play and how to enable Trusted Devices and Data Integrity?

These are two features built into the software, so you don’t need to set anything up to enable the feature.

* Uses Of Two New Features On TeamViewer

Trusted Devices

This feature will allow to prevent unauthorized access to personal TeamViewer accounts.

How to bat trusted devices and data integrity on teamviewer

Specifically, when a user logs into their account for the first time on a new device, TeamViewer will ask you to confirm information via email to continue logging in.

Thus, this feature helps to minimize the situation of hackers taking over the user’s account on another computer.

Data Integrity

This can be considered as the last layer of armor to prevent outside influences on users’ personal data. With Data Integrity, the system will always monitor the software. If suspicious behavior is detected, for example accessing the account from a new location, TeamViewer can even force reset the user’s account to protect data.

Huong Dan trusted trusted devices and data integrity on teamviewer

Above is a brief introduction to two features that have just been released by TeamViewer to enhance user protection.

However, above all, you need to protect your personal account by regularly changing passwords with high difficulty, limit chatting and dealing with strangers, absolutely do not install or download software from the internet if Not sure about safety.

Remember to also enable two-factor authentication whenever possible. Learn more about two-factor authentication on Teamviewer for account security.

TeamViewer always has new features to help better secure user information, one of the security features is the ability to scan for viruses remotely with TeamViewer, in fact, remote virus scanning with teamviewer is not a job. TeamViewer has virus scanning software that TeamViewer uses virus scanning software that users install on their computers


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