Have you ever had teamviewer error limit 5 minutes (terminated after 5 minutes)? Or is your trial period has expired teamviewer error (Your trial period has expired)? If not, congratulations, and if you’ve ever had an error, here’s how to fix the above error.

About TeamViewer software

When you need to control your computer remotely, TeamViewer is our first choice. In addition to the remote control function, TeamViewer also has the function of transferring files between 2 computers. TeamViewer is great, but life is not like a dream. The free version of TeamViewer will often encounter a time limit error (5 minutes). The paid commercial version will limit the trial period, so there will be a trial expiration error.

Cause of error teamviewer expired trial

Teamviewer’s trial expired error is because when installing TeamViewer, you selected the item  Company / Commerical use . Note that only Personal / Non-commercial use is selected   (personal, non-commercial).

If you choose to install the business version, use it commercially (Company / commercial use). After the trial period you will receive this message.

Fix Teamviewer Trial Expiration
Fix Teamviewer Trial Expiration

At the end of the trial period, even removing the TeamViewer software and reinstalling it still doesn’t go away. Because, your computer’s MAC address is already stored on the home page. From this MAC address, it will generate a TeamViewer ID for you. So, in order to fix the teamviewer trial expired error, we need to change the MAC address or reset the TeamViewer ID

Fix teamviewer trial expired by Reset ID

The easiest way to fix the teamviewer expired trial or time limit error is to Reset the ID for it.

Download the tool Reset ID Teamviewer 14  and extract with password: “ anh-dv.com “. There are 2 ways to use the TVTools AlterID tool you just downloaded:

  1. Start TeamViewer 14, then run the file TVTools_AlterID.exe.
  2. If you are not running TeamViewer 14, you need to copy the file TVTools_AlterID.exe to the place where Teamviewer is installed (see HuongDan.txt in the downloaded file).


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