TeamViewer 9 is software that allows users to access another computer and control it at a distance via the Internet, like Ultraviewer software .

Teamviewer 9 is software that allows us to connect and control another computer at a distance conveniently and quickly via the Internet.

tethered to teamviewer 9 on pc

Likewise, UltraViewer is software that helps users access a computer at a distance and safely, moreover, UltraViewer  is a pure Vietnamese software.

To use it effectively when connecting with UltraViewer, we should learn how to chat via Ultra viewer. How to chat via Ultraviewer  is a must-know guide to remote computer control and communication with the operator.

Here, will guide you how to connect your computer using Teamviewer 9 on PC.


First, your computer must have Teamviewer 9 installed.

Download Teamviewer 9: Download Teamviewer 9

Or download the latest version of Teamviewer: Download Teamviewer 11

Step 1: Start Teamviewer 9 after successful installation.

Connect to teamviewer 9 computer on pc

Step 2: At the Teamviewer interface, we pay attention to the information.

Your ID: The ID number assigned by the program when logging in or being logged in, and this ID number does not change.

Password: Password to access your computer.

You use this ID and password to let others access your computer.

Step 3: To access, connect another computer, we enter the ID in the Partner ID section.

how to connect to teamviewer 9 computer on pc

Then click Connect to partner.

Step 4: Next, the program will ask you to enter the access password.

guide to connect to teamviewer 9 computer on pc

Then press Log On to proceed to connect the computer

Step 5: Immediately the screen will display a window to connect to another computer

tethered to teamviewer 9 on pc

So we have successfully connected Teamviewer 9, remotely control the computer quickly. In addition, you can also change the length of the password to access Teamviewer to increase security when using Teamviewer 9, avoiding cases of bad guys accessing your computer.

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