Many users wonder when connecting Teamviewer , the window size is too small, difficult to manipulate on other people’s computers. In fact, you can completely choose the size of the Teamviewer window as you like. Please refer to the following instructions.

Teamviewer software is used to control remote computers. For those who do the work of instructing and fixing errors via the computer, letting Teamviewer start automatically with the computer will save a lot of time. After enabling Teamviewer auto- start feature  with the computer , each time you open the computer, this software will be available for you to access. Sometimes in the process of controlling other people’s computers, the Teamviewer interface is too small, making it difficult for you to manipulate. This can be fixed by selecting the Teamviewer window size.


Step 1: On the Teamviewer console, select View.

choose the size of teamviewer

Step 2: Select Screen resolution .

choose the size of teamviewer

Step 3: A series of window sizes will appear, you can see Teamviewer’s current window size and selectable sizes.

choose the size of teamviewer

In addition, users can open Teamviewer full screen by pressing Switch to full screen .  

choose the size of teamviewer

The entire screen on Teamviewer is maximized on your computer screen.

choose the size of teamviewer

Above is a guide for users how to choose the window size in Teamviewer.

When connecting to Teamviewer, users need to provide ID and password to the operator. Usually the length of Teamviewer password is 4 characters. However, for better security, you can adjust the Teamviewer password length. With the way to change the password length Teamviewer you can increase the password length from 4 characters to 10 characters. Or adjust for Teamviewer not to use Password.
In addition to Teamviewer, another software, Ultraviewer, also supports remote computer control very well. To use this software, two users also need to download Ultraviewer to their computer and install it. The way to connect and use Ultraviewer is similar to using Teamviewer. So you will not spend too much time using this software.


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