Tang Tang is a very familiar character to us, especially children. In the feature film Journey to the West, Tripitaka is associated with the image of a kind monk, with a heart towards the Buddhadharma. Although there are many details that make the audience disagree with the handling of Mr. Duong, this is still a beloved image. The following article will share photos immediately Image of Tang Tang funny, funny for entertainment purposes.

I/ The image of making Tang Tang funny, super troll

The image of 4 teachers and students of Tang Tang together going to pray for sutras, overcoming many hardships to become righteous results is deeply imprinted in the subconscious of Vietnamese people through movies on the small screen.

Mr. Duong is an inspiration to many filmmakers and the Vietnamese online community.

To tease each other, young people with their creativity created images of Tang Tang for entertainment and humorous purposes.

Download now the set of jigsaw puzzles that have been compiled and shared by BenComputer below:

Image of rising sugar

Photo made of Tripitaka

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Photo of teachers and students on the road

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Collage of rising sugar comedy

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Photo of 4 teachers and students on the road

Photo of 4 teachers and students on the road The image of the teacher and student of the Tang Dynasty comedy photo of rising sugarImage of sugar increase, please link
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Photo of a monk holding a brick and cursing

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Photo of teachers and students on the road

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Photo of a tank holding a gun

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II/ About Master Tang Tripitaka

Many people are interested in the photos of Tang Tang, but when asked if this character is real, it is still quite vague.

In the 100-act long memoir of author Ngo Thua An, Tang San Tang and his disciples: Sun Wukong, Tru Bat Gioi, and Sa Ngo Tinh went from the Tang Dynasty to Tay Thien to seek sutras.

Many people think that this is just a fictional story, not real. This is completely grounded because the film adaptation of the film Journey to the West has many fictional details, unreal monsters.

However, it must be affirmed to you that monk Tang Tang (Tang Huyen Trang) is a real person in history.

rising sugar

Legend has it that Tang Sang was a monk in China during the Tang Dynasty who was highly enlightened about the Buddhadharma. He is a monk, but he has a great mind to go to India to ask for Buddhist teachings.

However, he was not approved by the Chinese king at that time to go to India to study Taoism. Tang Tang went on his own, crossing more than 50,000 miles to find the “true scriptures” in India.

Later, he became famous in India for his mastery of the Buddhadharma. From then on, he was highly respected by the kings of India and China, becoming the Great Buddhist Master.

It can be said that Tang Tang is a real character and has become a “monument” for Buddhists to follow about his enlightenment ability as well as his unyielding will.

Here are all the pictures Image of Tang Tang Funniest. Please return to the page, F5 often to update more beautiful memes.


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