Tien Bip’s photo-montage brings a lot of joy and laughter to viewers, especially his fans. Below is a collection of images of Tien Bip, free to download only at ben.com.vn.

I/ The funniest picture of Tien Bip on Facebook

Tien Bip must be no stranger to us – especially facebookers. Tien Bip emerged as a phenomenon with many humorous, funny, and even viral images spreading throughout the online community.

Download now a collection of images of the hottest meme, super troll, super cool meme:

fake photo manipulation

Photograph of Tien Bop

greedy photo manipulation Photo made up with a belt

Photo troll Tien bluff

the image of the leader

Photo made of Tien bluffing with a belt

spoofing image stupid greedy stupid photo manipulation

Photo of Tien being greedy and stupid


Greedy photo manipulation

bluffing mode troll photo bluffing image


pretentious photo you cover the money you are greedy you cover the money

Stepping up the photo manipulation

you cover the money picture you cover money greedy stupid dot

II/ Some information about Tien Bip

Who is Tien Bip that has caused a “storm” on social networks for many months now? This is a question that probably not everyone understands the origin of this guy.

It is known that Tien Bip’s name is Long, born in 1988 in his hometown of Hai Duong.

He is known to be a good student in Chemistry, with a perfect 10 on the university exam. However, Tien Bip thinks that his path to success is easy, so he wants to create a “turbulence” for his life.

By falling into social evils: gambling, drugs,.. Not long after, Tien Bip dropped out of school and was arrested by the police while committing illegal acts.

As an excellent son of Hai Phong, Tien Bip quickly became a prisoner.

bluff photo

But not long after he was released from prison, he decided to return his salary because of two sacred “family” hours.

He re-examined the university and made an impression when he still got 10 points in Chemistry. At the same time, 8x youtuber also regularly livestreams sharing “ethics” on social networks.

Thanks to trending sayings such as: greed, belt, rep 1-1 real, etc., the name Tien Bip has become a phenomenon on the online community.

Currently, he continues to be a youtuber with a large number of fans, mainly young people.

Above is a picture of Tien Bip processing and some information about the 8x guy from Hai Duong origin. Please continue to follow ben.com.vn to see more interesting information.


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