Instagram is an increasingly popular social network in Vietnam, not merely a place to share emotions, images, connect with friends, but also a place for people to take “ecstatic” photos. thanks to the extreme filter system (effects) that is updated regularly.

If you are looking for a Filter Instagram name beautiful, do not miss this article. Below, Ben Computer will introduce 10 most beautiful and cool Instagram filters for men so that you can freely take the best photos.

Filter instagram cho nam

10 filter instagram cho nam

1. Instagram filter for men with tattoos

Filter instagram cho nam

Tattoo Filters

If you are looking for a “dirty”, personality and somewhat “reverse” filter, you cannot ignore the tattoo filter. If you look at it, no one will think that the above tattoos are filters. Recently, tattoo filters are very hot and are used by many young people to take cool photos, then troll friends and acquaintances.

2. Filter Instagram that mặt

Filter instagram cho nam

Face masking filter

Mentioned filter instagram cho nam Face mask filter cannot be ignored. This is a somewhat funny and humorous effect. The whole face will be like wearing a mask with eyes, nose and mouth somewhat “temporary”. If you want a filter that is not too virtual but cute and fun, you can consider this effect!

3. Cross mohican hair filter

Filter instagram cho nam

Cross mohican hair filter

Mohican cross is a hairstyle swept back up as shown in the image, this hairstyle is quite masculine, popular with many people. If you want to try this hairstyle, you can use the cross mohican hair filter. Many young people use this filter to prank their friends because with many faces, this hairstyle looks quite amusing.

4. Filter Cafe tone by thythyvoo

Filter instagram cho nam

Filter instagram Cafe tone by thythyvoo

One Filter Instagram name Moreover, it is impossible not to mention that the Cafe tone filter is impressed by the vintage color, when using this effect to take photos, it will make the image more dreamy, bringing a very poetic and romantic feeling. This filter will be suitable for men who like lightness and like “so deep”.

5. ORANGE SODA filter of lexmendoza1

Filter instagram cho nam

ORANGE SODA filter by lexmendoza1

If you are looking for a blur filter to express mystery and charm, ORANGE SODA is a reasonable choice. The effect of shadows and color casts will make the male image show hidden places, creating a mystery and full of masculinity.

6. Filter cute by armsandee

Filter instagram cho nam

Armandee’s cute Instagram filter for men

True to the name Filter, the Cute Cute effect helps you to overcome all defects, look younger, cute photo colors impress viewers at first sight. If you are after any sweet boy image, you can use this Filter!

7. Filter Bad boy by abel_arroyomx

Filter instagram cho nam

Filter instagram bad boy by abel_arroyomx

Bad Boy is one of the filters that guys use a lot lately, not only because the filter fits almost all faces but also because of the filter meaning. People who use this filter often want to tease their friends that they are bad boys. If you also want to try being a “bad boy”, try this filter.

8. Filter của bunachandini

Filter instagram cho nam


Filter has received many uses because of its beautiful color and thin layer of natural makeup, which is not only suitable for women, but also can be used by men. This effect is very suitable for men who want to build a sweet and lovely image.

9. Filter Instagram for men Sunglasses

Filter instagram cho nam

Filter instagram cho nam Sunglasses

If you are looking for a cool filter for men, then Sunglasses is a good choice. With colors inspired by the desert and realistic reflections of glasses, the filter will give you a vivid, beautiful photo.

10. Filter VHS style by demiandrou

Filter instagram cho nam

Filter instagram cho nam V H S s t y l e

Filter VHS style is a blur effect with beautiful film color. It is not difficult to realize that this filter color often appears in lofi songs. If you like the blur effect, vintage and romantic, you can try the VHS style e filter.

Conclude: Hope with 10 filter instagram cho nam beautiful, cool that Ben Computer suggested above will help you choose the most suitable filter. If you have any other beautiful filters, please share them with Ben Computer in the comments section below!

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