You use TeamViewer , but want to turn off the online status but don’t know what to do because this new version has many changes compared to the old versions.

Recently, Teamviewer has launched a new version with many breakthrough features. In particular, this software developer has integrated the ” Computer and Contract” feature to help users easily communicate with their customers and colleagues. In addition, it also helps users to quickly access the computer that was controlled last time. However, users who want to remain anonymous do not want to contact and connect to the server, what to do. The following article will help you easily hide your online mode to avoid other computers knowing.

System requirements:

– TeamViewer supports many current computer operating systems such as Windows, Mac Os, Linux.


To perform incognito mode on Teamviewer, your computer must have this software.

You can download the latest version of the software here: Download TeamViewer
Step 1:
After installation is complete, you boot T eamviewer and select the tab “Extras . Then, you choose to ” Options “ .
TeamViewer's online coverage
Step 2: After selecting “Options” , a new window will appear. In this window, scroll down to the line named “Advenced”. Then you check the box “Show Advanced Options” and click.
edit teamviewer offline
Step 3: Then you find and click and select the line ” Hide online status for this TeamViewer ID “, then click ” Ok “.
doi status teamviewer
Thus, you have completed turning off TeamViewer’s online status. After activating ” Hide online status for this TeamViewer ID “, your TeamViewer will be completely anonymous in the “Computer and Contract ” list.
This allows you to avoid being bothered when you do not want to join a virtual meeting or the server connects and controls your machine. You can restore Teamviewer’s online mode easily by following the steps above.

In the framework of the above article, we have shown you how to go offline on TeamViewer with quite simple and detailed instructions, so that you can easily remain anonymous on Teamviewer every time you use the software and aim to avoid being disturbed by others.


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